Our History

Sean Kelly and Avery Long were classmates working on their Electrical Engineering degrees back in 1995. Both of us went our separate ways when we graduated in 1997. In 2011, we started working together as professionals. During that time we found that we shared a common love for electronics while noticing that we had a great synergy in our approach to product design and development. So we founded Red Coral Technology in 2014 with the intent to capitalize on that synergy.

Our Formation

Sean has had a passion for salt water reef tanks and raising coral since 1998. From that passion he learned to cultivate and propagate corals for the hobbyist to reduce the need of harvesting wild corals. To that end, he has been providing coral frags to others and to his local fish store.
With all of the hype concerning the internet of things and all such devices communicating with each other we realized Sean’s passion for coral was not only a great cause, but a perfect metaphor for what we wanted our focus to be.
Coral is simultaneously a single animal and yet an organism made up of many individual animals. All of the individual animals work together to create a system that is conducive to the success of the whole. That is exactly what we are trying to create. We are developing multiple individual products/solutions that start out as a singular, simple purpose, concept. At the same time each concept can be utilized such that it will fit into/form a larger system. The intent is to make an ecosystem of electronic devices that form a collective array of solutions all working together for the good of the system. Hence the metaphor relating our concept to coral.
With time, like multiple corals creating a reef, our product lines will grow, develop and merge into a new world that solves your problems and adds some elegance to your life. If we do our job right, with a little luck, we can contribute to your world and at the same time help save the oceans great beauties. Because we want to give back 2% of our profit to organizations dedicated to creating artificial reefs we need your help for us to grow.

Our Name

Why Red Coral you may ask. When Sean was in Okinawa scuba diving many many years ago, he learned of a special coral. It is rare because it grows slowly and it is so deep. The Japanese simply call it red coral. It is very valuable for its beauty and rarity. So goes our products. We don’t want to rush products to market just to make money. We want to take the time to develop something special, unique, valuable and most of all pleasurable to our clients. Simplicity of use and yet having inherently valuable technology is our goal. We want our brand to stand above the fray because of the rare level of attention to quality and customer service.

Mission Statement

Propagating solutions for your world and ours.

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POE splitter kits

Water Heater Controllers


Corals can start out as a single cell or as a frag. But, with cultivation and time can become an ecosystem unto itself with majesty and splendor. Here are our thoughts concerning our future with your help and some time.

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I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.  That is a great lyric from Whitney Houston’s Greatest Love.   As design engineers we sometimes refer to our products as our electronic children.  From conception to development, bringing into the world and naming them our products are a reflection of our creativity, ideas, and input from those around us.  At RCT, the future of our products depends on you the customer and your voice is important.  In engineering school the classic method for solving a problem involves three items:  Given, Required, and Solution.   Engineers are great at coming up with solutions when given the problem/need and told what the requirements are.  At RCT we plan to have an active forum, called the reef, where we invite the makers, tinkerers, home owners, and hobbyist to collaborate in our ecosystem development.  Each one of you brings your own unique background and problems you’re trying to solve.  At RCT, we want to work to together to bring solutions and products to market where you provide the given and the required.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is forecasted to consist of 50 billion devices connected to the internet within three years (Forecast by 2020: Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group) and Gartner says 50% of the IoT solutions will come from companies less than three years old.  That’s where we are today.  The cloud will host the data and provide the tools for analytics, but we live on the edge of the network.  RCT wants to build sensors and products for your world and help bridge that data back to the cloud so it can be accessed by any smart device you own.  Literally thousands of devices are being released every day to make our life easier and better.  We just want to develop products that enable you to solve your own problems.  You can buy an Amazon Echo, Nest thermostat, Belkin Light Switch,  Ring Doorbell, etc, etc.  but why do we have to wait for someone to do it for us?  All too often, the big companies release a product that doesn’t work with the other things we’ve already purchased.  Our goal is to ensure that our products never have that problem.  With open source hardware and software, we plan on helping you to solve your own problems!